My Opinion

The Yankees and Mets just completed the latest edition of the Subway Series Sunday night at Yankee Stadium.The Yankees won the game 6-4 there by taking two out of three from their Queens counterparts.The excitement this series generated has fans and the media wondering what it could be like when these teams meet again in September at Citi field.It’s been a long time since both teams have been in first place in their respective divisions at the same time as they are now.If they can both be healthy(the Mets are currently dealing with a lot of injuries)through the dog days of summer,there is a good chance that the series in September could have not only wild card but division titles at stake.I’ve said before that you need to play at least 50 games and then see where your team is at.With 112 games left you can figure how many games your team needs to make the playoffs as a wild card or win the division.In the Yankees and Mets case,can you imagine what the atmosphere would be like in September with so much to play for? It would be the first time in Subway Series history that these teams would play each other so late in the regular season.It would be like 2000 when they met in the World Series and this city was turned upside down with excitement.It’s only April and there’s a long way to go but it’s not too early to let yourself dream of a series in September in Flushing Queens that will make it feel like October 2000 all over again.That’s my opinion.


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