My Opinion

Tom Brady,Super Bowl Champion this past season and one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history,has been suspended  4 games for his role in deflategate.The Patriots organization has been fined one million dollars and have had their first round draft pick in 2016 and their fourth round draft pick in 2017 taken away.Let me say that I agree with the punishment the league has handed out.The investigation done by Ted Wells indicates that Brady knew what was going on.Text messages from the two men involved with Brady,McNally(known as the deflator)and Jastremski mention Brady and McNally in particular uses profanity in saying what he thinks of Tom and the task he has to perform on the footballs.But in light of this preponderance of evidence I’m amazed at the people who think Brady should receive no more than a fine.I expect Patriots fans to be upset because they see their season going down the drain with Brady out.But the media commentary has been just plain ridiculous.Some say it didn’t matter because they beat the Colts 45-7.Others say it’s not a big deal,it’s gamesmanship.Then you have my favorite,the Boston Herald has a picture of the 4 super bowl trophies with the title”why do they hate us” suggesting everyone is jealous of the Patriots success.Owner Robert Kraft has defiantly defended Brady and insists they have done nothing wrong.Don Yee,Brady’s agent,has called the Wells investigation a sting operation.The Patriots had not won a Super Bowl since 2004 and many think those were tainted because of spygate.Now they win the Super Bowl and we have deflategate.I do believe that history has played a role in why the punishment has been so harsh but there seems to be a culture around this team that it ain’t cheating if you can get away with it.The problem is that they have been caught again and have gotten the punishment they deserve,especially the man named Brady.That’s my opinion.


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