My Opinion

The NBA draft lottery is a colossal joke and needs to be done away with asap.I’m saying this not only because my team,the New York Knicks,got penalized for actually winning a couple of games towards the end of the season,but it’s ridiculous that if a team has the worst record they may not get the top draft pick because some ping pong balls didn’t fall their way.This is totally assinine.The NFL draft is by far the most popular because if your team had the worst record they picked first,plain and simple.All this talk about tanking,tanking,tanking and the Knicks had the second worst record behind the Minnesota Timberwolves but wound up being fourth in the draft order.Minnesota did win and will pick first but the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers,who both had better records than the Knicks,will pick second and third respectively.When the Knicks won the lottery in 1985 and got the right to draft Patrick Ewing,there was all this talk that the lottery was fixed so New York would  win.Yet the Cleveland Cavaliers have won the lottery 3 times in the last 5 years but I haven’t heard one word about fix or conspiracy and they didn’t always have the worst record.One year they had a 1.7% chance of winning and did.How the hell is that possible? I don’t remember who had the worst record that season but it’s totally unfair.With their draft haul the Cavaliers have drafted LeBron James and Kyrie Irving with  two of the wins and drafted Andrew Wiggins,whom they traded to Minnesota for Kevin Love,with the third.If New York had won that many times can you imagine what would be said?I’m convinced the Knicks will never win the lottery again because the NBA doesn’t want to hear any conspiracy theories.The NBA needs stop this ridiculous and unfair way of determining draft order.Ping pong balls should be for picking numbers,not players.That’s my opinion.


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