My Opinion

LeBron James is not only the NBA’s best player but he is also the best leader around.The Cleveland Cavaliers swept the Atlanta Hawks to get to the NBA finals in LeBron’s first season back in his hometown.He has made a knucklehead player like J.R.Smith more accountable to the team instead of the selfish stupidity he displayed in his time with the Knicks.James has the ability,like Michael Jordan did,to take players who were bums with another team like Smith and Iman Shumpert and  turn them into valuable contributors.His will and determination to win is contagious to the rest of the team and makes them elevate their play to a higher level.Besides that he is a great clutch player which all the great leaders have.How many big games did Michael Jordan excel in leading the Chicago Bulls to six titles? Derek Jeter made that famous flip in the playoffs and hit a game winning homer in the World Series.Mark Messier guaranteed a Rangers victory in game six against New Jersey in 1994 and went out and scored a hat trick in the win and ultimately led the Rangers to Stanley Cup glory.It’s one thing to be a great player but it’s totally different to make players follow you,to get them to raise their game and be willing to put aside selfish goals for the good of the team.All the people I mentioned had that quality and now you’re looking at another one who has not only put a team on his back but a whole city as well.He is King James.That’s my opinion.


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