My Opinion

When a team is considered the best in any sport,there is great pressure for them to prove it by winning the championship.The N.Y.Rangers were considered the best team and favorites to win the Stanley Cup this season but lost at home in game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals to the Tampa Bay Lightning.Last season the Rangers were not expected to go anywhere in the playoffs and therefore with little or no pressure made a run to the Stanley Cup Finals where they lost to the L.A.Kings in 5 games.This season they were expected to win and even had a picture in their locker room of the Cup and after every playoff game they won they put a little piece on it as a building block to their ultimate goal.The pressure was to great and consequently they played one of the worst game 7’s at home in a long time.I’ve been watching sports since the sixties and in that time I have seen teams in all sports cave in to the pressure and expectation to win when they’re the favorite.The New England Patriots were 18-0 entering Super Bowl XLll and were being looked at as the best of all time but lost to the Giants.The Seattle Mariners won 116 games in 2000 and set a new American League record but lost to the Yankees.The Denver Broncos set the NFL record for points in 2013 but lost to the Seahawks 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVlll.The Jets beat the Colts in Super Bowl lll as the biggest underdog (18 points)in Super Bowl history.In all sports the pressure to win when you’re supposed to is unique and the Teams that can accomplish that feat,like the 1998 Yankees or the 1996 Chicago Bulls,who were clearly the best in their sport that year,won it all.It takes more than just talent to win a championship when you are expected to and those teams that ultimately do it are remembered forever and the ones that don’t are quickly forgotten.That’s my opinion.


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