My Opinion

The Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to do something for the city that hasn’t been done since 1964 and that is win a world championship.The Cleveland Browns of the National Football League were the last team to do it,beating the then Baltimore Colts 27-0.I actually saw that game on television in 1964 when CBS had the NFL and the AFL  was getting started on NBC.There was no such thing as a Super Bowl back then.I remember watching Browns quarterback Frank Ryan throwing three touchdown passes to wide receiver Gary Collins and legendary running back Jim Brown retiring after that championship to pursue a movie career.The Cleveland Indians made the World Series in 1997 but lost to the Florida Marlins.Now Cleveland is by no means alone in waiting for a championship.The Chicago Cubs haven’t won since 1918.As a Knicks fan I’ve been waiting since 1973 for them to win another championship.Teams that go through these long droughts without a championship usually have bad decision makers at the top who either don’t know what they’re doing or pick players that just aren’t good enough.The fans pay some ridiculously expensive price for tickets but year after year they’re left wanting.The teams that are constantly near or at the top have a good organization from the owner down to the coach or manager.Also what can’t be overlooked is leadership from the players on the team.LeBron James is proving to be a great leader by his inspiring play.I remember Willis Reed limping on to the court at Madison Square Garden for game seven of the 1970 NBA finals and what an inspiration it was to the rest of the Knicks as they went on to beat the Lakers and capture New York’s first NBA title.LeBron is inspiring the Cavaliers and the city.If they do win it the city of Cleveland will cherish this championship forever.That’s my opinion.


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