My Opinion

Tonight the NBA holds it’s player draft at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.While I do think that the NBA draft lottery is absolutely the stupidest way of determining draft order of all the sports,tonight guarantees to be an exciting night for cities  like Minnesota,Los Angeles,Philadelphia and New York.Who will go where? The consensus is that center Carl Anthony Towns of Kentucky will be the first player selected.Then it gets interesting.The Lakers have the second pick and may pass up Duke center Jalil Okafor while the 76ers are said to really like European 7 footer Kristaps Porzingis.That leaves my team,the Knicks,with a chance to get either Okafor or Ohio St.point guard DeAngelo Russell.I would love to have Russell because he is a great passer and a great shooter.If the Lakers take him then the chance Okafor is there when the Knicks pick.Also possible picks for the Knicks include guard Emanuel Mudiay, guard/forward Justice Winslow and center Willie Cauley Stein.Phil Jackson has been criticized repeatedly by the know it all New York media for the players he’s acquired and let go this year.While I will admit he hasn’t done a great job,what he has done is get rid of players who weren’t any good and cleared cap room to acquire free agents.Now his job really begins tonight.He must pick the right player that’s going to help turn the Knicks around.Then he must sign the right free agents that can play in the pressure packed environment of New York City.I’ve said before it takes a special kind of player to thrive and win in New York.Phil Jackson knows that,now it’s his job to get them.It starts tonight.That’s my opinion.


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