My Opinion

Tonight is Major League Baseball’s allstar game.The game will feature some of the best young players around like Mike Trout of the Angels,Bryce Harper of the Nationals and Kris Bryant of the Cubs.This represents a changing of the guard in that twenty players in this game are 25 years old or younger.This also brings into question that the game counts because the winner will have home field advantage for the World Series.Many people don’t like this,they would rather have the team with the best regular season record get it.The problem with that is the teams play different schedules and it’s unfair that a team with an easier schedule should wind up with home field.The other is the reason this game now determines home field.The allstar game was losing interest year after year from players and fans.Nobody cared about an exhibition game in the middle of the season.Things really came to head in 2002 when Joe Torre,the AL manager,and Bob Brenly,the NL manager,had used almost all of their players by the ninth inning.Then the worst thing that could happen happened,the game went to extra innings and the pitchers that were in at the time would have to keep going until a team won.That couldn’t go on so the game ended in a tie and the backlash from the media was relentless.So to basically save the allstar game they got the idea to put a premium on it to make it more competitive,hence home field for the World Series goes to the winner.Frankly I think it’s been good for the game because now both sides are playing to win,the players are more into it so the fans get more into it.Also the way it was before,with home field alternating between the leagues each year was absurd.So enjoy the game tonight and if you’re team is in the American or National League with a chance to get to the World Series,you will be watching and rooting and that is why it was changed.It was a good move by Major League Baseball.That’s my opinion.


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