My Opinion

Training camps have gotten underway in the National Football League and the focus has finally been put back on the field instead of the courts.The NFL has been dealing with all kinds of issues from Ray Rice to Greg Hardy to now Tom Brady.You have Adrian Peterson returning to the Minnesota Vikings after saying he didn’t want to be there and being accused of beating his son with a stick.You have Sheldon Richardson of the Jets leading police on a wild chase with a 12 year old in his car.It’s absolutely ridiculous the behavior of these athletes today.They have everything they could want,money,fame,playing a game they always dreamed about and they just seem intent on throwing it all away.The Giants Jason Pierre Paul had to have his index finger amputated because he was playing with fireworks on July 4th.Richardson was reported driving 143mph and allegedly had marijuana in his car besides his 12 year old relative.The problem is that as long as all these guys (except Rice who can’t get a workout)are still productive and can help their team they will still have a job.You can be a knucklehead off the field and some team will pay you millions if you perform great on it.The only way these guys and others like them are going to get the message is if teams start putting more value in a players character and have no tolerance for such foolish and even criminal behavior.That’s my opinion.


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