My Opinion

Frank Gifford,legendary Giants Hall of Famer and broadcaster of ABC’s Monday Night Football,died Sunday at the age of 84.I remember watching him play towards the end of his career in 1963-64.I was only ten years old and had just started to understand football.My brother Ellis loved Frank Gifford and the Giants so I became a fan too.Back then we used to watch Frank on a show called Countdown to Kickoff on CBS which came on every Saturday at 4pm and previewed the Sunday games.That’s when he got into the TV business and after he retired following the ’64 season he got into it more and more.By the time he became the play by play man for Monday Night Football in 1971,Gifford had become a TV star from doing commercials and sports reports on the local news.With Howard Cossell and Dandy Don Meredith, Gifford became a broadcasting icon as Monday Night Football took off and became an event that even players and coaches in the NFL had to watch.As a lifelong Giants fan two of my proudest moments came when Pat Summerall,who also became an icon teaming with John Madden,broadcast Super Bowl XXI between the Giants and Denver Broncos and then Frank,Al Michaels and Dan Dierdorf broadcast Super Bowl XXV between the Giants and Buffalo Bills.The Giants won both games and I’m sure Giants pride was flowing through both of them although neither one could outwardly show it.The Giants were a bad team from 1964-1979 which included “the fumble”and it had to be painful for both men.So it was great that both got to do a Super Bowl game the Giants won.They are both gone now but Frank Gifford will always be in the discussion of greatest Giants of all time.For so many years he was the face of the franchise.He was and will always be Mr.Giant.That’s my opinion.


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