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My Opinion

Dylann Roof,21 years old,has been charged with killing nine people in Charleston South Carolina.The shooting took place at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston.It’s being called a hate crime because all nine people were Black.One of the victims,the Honorable Reverend Clementa Pinckney,41,was the second cousin of my sister’s husband.South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is looking for the death penalty.What made Roof do what he did? He was in a prayer meeting an hour before the shooting in that same church.Since the days of slavery Blacks and Whites have had a tension between them.I had my own experience when I was a kid and my grandmother lived in the town of Bishopville S.C.My cousin and I became friends with this white kid and after dinner we went over to his house to see if he could come out to play.To my surprise an elderly white man came out with a shotgun and told us that the kid was not coming out to play and for us to leave.When I told my grandmother what happened she told us in no uncertain terms not to go over there again.I didn’t understand it because I had white friends  in my neighborhood.I learned quickly that the south was very different.Dylann Roof had to be taught to hate Blacks,he had to come from an environment that perpetuated hate.He had spent time with the people  of that church praying while all the time he knew what was about to happen.It was cold blooded and calculated.It will be interesting to see if he actually gets the death penalty because after all,this is the south and somewhere there are some sick,bigoted bastards who like what he did.That’s my opinion.