New Baseball Season

A new baseball season is upon us.Even though the Dodgers have played 3 games already,for everyone else their team is starting at 0-0.The new season brings new hope that this year will be different.I’m a Yankees fan and for me the season will be bittersweet because this is Derek Jeters last season.I have seen him play in person in playoff games and he is one of the best clutch players I have ever seen.I’m hoping he can go out a champion one more time.He has been a pleasure to watch.


My opinion

The Jets treated Mark Sanchez very bad after he helped take them to two AFC championship games in his first two seasons.They gave him a prima dona like Santonio Holmes and no running game.Does anyone think the infamous butt fumble would have happened if he had the confidence and players around him that he had his first two years.Word is he may be headed to Philadelphia.I hope he gets the chance to show he’s a good quarterback and show the Jets how they had a good quarterback and screwed him up.That’s my opinion.

My opinion

I have a problem with sports broadcasters who knowingly make a mistake and fail to correct it. They are insulting the intelligence of sports fans and they are too arrogant to care because we have to listen to them.Even the best broadcasters make mistakes but what makes them the best is that they respect their audience enough to correct themselves.To all those broadcasters who treat their audience like idiots,I have news for you,you’re the idiot.That’s my opinion.



My opinion

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A press conference was held on Tuesday announcing the hiring of Phil Jackson as president of the N.Y. Knicks at Madison square garden.I listened to it on the radio because my tv’s not working.The most important thing he said was that team basketball is paramount to winning.He said he believes in a system that allows the players to cut to the basket and sharing the ball.That’s so different from the way the team plays now it’s ridiculous.People think it’s going to take years for them to get better but if he gets the right coach that will teach this kind of basketball and get a couple of better players to go with Carmello Anthony,this thing can turn around quickly.That’s my opinion.

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