My Opinion

The Major League Baseball season is heading towards the halfway point with most teams having played at least 77 games as of today.Right now the division leaders in the American League are Baltimore in the east,Kansas City in the Central and Houston in the west.The National League leaders are Washington in the east,St.Louis in the central and Los Angeles in the west.A bunch of teams are in play for the two wild card spots in each league.Both local teams,the Yankees and Mets,are in the race for both the division title and wild card respectively.What both teams need is opposite from what they have.The Yankees are second in MLB in runs scored to the Toronto Blue Jays but their starting  pitching has not been good.The Mets are in the top five in pitching but their hitting has them near the bottom in runs scored.Both teams also need to get healthy for the second half.The Yankees are hoping center fielder Jacoby Elsbury will be able to play this weekend when they return home from their current west coast trip.The Mets just got second baseman Daniel Murphy back and are hoping catcher Travis d’Arnaud will also return soon.It will be very interesting around here if,come September,both teams are still in it because they play a huge three game series at Citifield that could go a long way in determining if one,or both,are still in it when the series concludes.Until then it’s going to be a wild and hopefully fun ride.Buckle up.That’s my opinion.


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