Major League Baseball is so hypocritical that I can’t believe it.The issue now is the use of pine tar by a pitcher,in this case Michael Pineda of the Yankees.He was caught using pine tar in an earlier game he pitched against the Boston Red Sox but nothing happened to him because it is generally accepted when the weather is cold a pitcher may use something to get a better grip on the ball.The batters have no problem with it because they don’t want a ball possibly hitting them because a pitcher can’t grip it properly.But in the rule book it states a pitcher cannot use a foreign substance of any kind on the ball.Pineda was warned but he did it again anyway.He was caught again and this time thrown out of the game.George Brett hit a home run in 1983 with an illegal bat according the rule of too much pine tar on the bat.He was caught and called out and the Yankees won but Lee McPhail (president of the American League at the time) came up with the bogus “spirit of the rule” idea and the home run counted.The game was replayed from that point and that’s how the famous “pine tar game” happened.The Royals ended up winning.Baseball’s rule book needs a complete overhaul because some of the rules are a joke.That’s my opinion.



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